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General Rules and Conditions


Operating Hours:
● The facility opens before the first reservation of the day and closes 30
minutes after the last reservation or 30 minutes after sunset (dusk).
● The main entrance remains closed if no reservations are scheduled.
● The reservation season for the facility is late April/early May - late
October/early November.
User Compliance
● Users must comply with local, state, and federal codes, laws, ordinances
and regulations.
Schedules and Updates:
● Schedules are posted on the the Tree Farm Management Website:
● Check for field changes and closures before arrival. Weather-related
closures and field changes by 3:30 pm will be posted on the website.
Emails will be sent to impacted user(s). The Tree Farm reserves the right
to cancel and change field assignments.
● Updates and notices may also be posted at the parking lot kiosk.
● Tree Farm Field Map is attached below.
Parking Regulations:
● Parking is only allowed at the Tree Farm Facility in designated areas.
Emergency access must be maintained, therefore no parking is permitted
along the entrance road or flagpole circle. Additional parking restrictions
may be implemented during high usage times.
● No parking in unauthorized areas. (Autumn Pond Way, Old Colchester
Road or other neighboring areas). Please reference the City of Essex
Junction and the Town Of Essex parking ordinances for more information.
● No parking is permitted at Essex High School and Little Ones University
unless prior authorization is arranged through the Tree Farm Management
Group for overflow parking allowances.
● Users are expected to comply with any additional parking rules imposed
and failure to comply may impact future reservation requests and/or
towing at owner’s expense.
● Large events must acknowledge and adhere to the Tree Farm Traffic Plan.
Vehicle and Road Rules:
● Vehicles are restricted to designated areas. Drive safely, be mindful of
pedestrian traffic.
Maintenance Road (Walking Path):
● Restricted usage for vehicles, requires prior authorization.
Dog Policy:
● Dogs are prohibited on playing surfaces
● Dogs are allowed at the Tree Farm Facility. Dogs must be on leash and
dog owners are responsible for waste disposal. Dog owners must follow
the the City of Essex Junction and Town of Essex dog ordinances.
● Dogs are strongly discouraged during tournaments and large events, as
the areas they can go will be limited.
Right to Deny Use:
● Tree Farm Management Group (TFMG) reserves the right to deny or cancel
facility use at its discretion.
Clean Up Responsibility:
● Users must clean up after reservations or bear expenses for any
necessary clean up. Users must leave the area in the same condition in
which it was found.
Prohibited Activities:
● Unsafe, careless, or negligent behavior.
● The possession, sale or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or
substances. Use of tobacco products, vaping, and cannabis.
● The use of glass containers of any kind.
● The posting of any signs or advertisements unless granted permission by
the TFMG.
● Taking up collections or making solicitations of any kind unless granted
permission by the TFMG.
● Use of Facility for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose.
● Any activity that may be reasonably expected to cause injury or harm to
anyone; or will deface or cause damage to the Tree Farm or property of
● Parking on any public way, including Old Colchester Road & Autumn Pond
Reservation and Fees:
● Field reservations are required and can be rented hourly or for day use.
● Field rental fees and full complex rental fees are determined annually. The
2024 field rental fee is $72/hour and the full complex rental fee (2
days) is $13,200. The hourly fee is billed in ½ hour increments.
● The Tree Farm Management group will provide a Reservation Packet and
users are required to fill out the packet and acknowledge The Tree Farm’s
general rules and conditions prior to use.
● Users must sign a facility use and release waiver and must provide a
current Certificate of Insurance prior to use. No Exceptions.
Field Use:
● Max two teams per field.
● Fields to be used only on dates and times specified for the purpose
named. Reservations are for the assigned field only. Reservations that
start early or end late will be billed $25 per occurrence.
● Fields being “rested” are marked and not to be used. Users who use areas
other than those specifically assigned in the reservation will be fined an
additional $50/ per hour per field and “Damage” costs may apply.
● No unauthorized use. Users using areas other than those specifically
assigned as part of an approved reservation will be fined an additional $50
per hour, per field for unauthorized use, and may result in future field
● Users are responsible for any and all damages to fields and areas
incurred. Damages to field(s), general areas within the complex, or
equipment will result in additional charges equal to the amount of repair
and additional fines as stated in “Penalties”.
● Penalties include suspension or revocation of reservations.
● Moving goals or equipment is not allowed unless granted permission by
the TFMG. A $100 dollar fine will be assessed if goals are moved without
Field & Weather Conditions:
● The TFMG may deem the playing fields unplayable due to weather or other
conditions. Fields with standing water are unplayable. If the TFMG closes
a field or the facility due to any reason, the TMFG will make every attempt
to reschedule an equivalent reservation within the same calendar season,
based on availability.
● The above conditions also apply to an unfinished game if it is cancelled by
a certified referee.
● No refunds for unused field space.
Rule Violations:
● Violations may incur fines and/or repair costs as noted above, and
possible suspension or cancellation of reservations.
Event Requirements:
● Full complex events require additional portalets and the Tree Farm can
help coordinate this with the renter.
● A Traffic Plan is required and must be approved by the TFMG. The TFMG
may require users to hire an outside organization to assist with parking
and or have a police officer present during the event.
● The above expenses will be event dependent and to be paid by the
organizers of the event.
● All users must comply with the general rules and conditions of the Tree



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