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Tree Farm User Rules

All schedules will be posted on our website.  Please remember to check our website for field changes and closures prior to arrival at the facility.  TFMG reserves the right to change field assignments as it deems necessary. 

The Tree Farm Fields are to be used only on the dates and times specified for the purpose named.  Should a practice begin early or end late, offending club will be billed $25 per occurrence.  Please use the field you are assigned.  Spontaneous field changes are not permitted. 

No more than two teams per field.

 No equipment or materials shall be removed from the facility.  Goals are not to be moved! Clubs will be subject to a $100 fine.   

Any cancellations by the Tree Farm will only be posted on the website.  Get your teams in the habit of checking the site! 

A specific date or time may be canceled if the fields are needed by the TFMG.  Advance notice will be given. 

Parking is to be restricted only to designated parking areas.  Fire lanes are not to be used.  Additional parking restrictions may be implemented on high usage nights and will be posted on the website. 

Alcoholic Beverages are PROHIBITED from the facilty.

Unruly behavior will result in cancellation of immediate and all future field use. 

Please clear your assigned field(s) of left-behind trash, water bottles, etc... Trash containers are available.  Teams that do not clean up their trash will be fined $25.

Unusual wear and tear to the fields will be repaired by the TFMG at the expense of the user. 

The maintenance road (foot path on map) is restricted.  Usage requires prior authorization.


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